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Why Charity Travel Packages?

Through BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising with
over 40 years combined fundraising experience,
Charity Travel Packages will provide expert
guidance to help the first time fundraiser do as
great as a experienced fundraising veteran.  CTP
will help and guide you to maximize your
fundraising efforts to absolutely exceed your
Incredible Packages

Nowhere else, will you find a larger or more cost effective
inventory of incredible charity travel packages.  Many of
our packages are "Priceless" because they are built with
our charity clients in mind while not being sold at retail.  
Our packages will create excitement with your guests,
inspiring incredibly high bids time and time again while
also "Spot Lighting" your event for years to follow.
Charity Auction Items

Our packages are provided to you, our charity clients, at
absolutely no risk.  After you preview and pick the charity
travel packages you like, our expert fundraisers will
assist you from beginning to end to ensure that you will
have all your needs met while also showing you the
packages which are our Top Sellers across North
Multiplying your Profit

The beauty of having our Charity Travel
Packages is, you can sell them multiple times at
your event - selling 1 or 100, we fully support
your efforts by being able to provide our
packages to all of your guests.
Our Fundraising Experts in your Corner

With Charity Travel Packages in your corner, we will help and coach you on successful
fundraising trends across North America.  Unlike anyone else, the expert fundraisers have
much more experience then anyone in North America by having the unique ability to offer
much more then just travel packages through our exclusive partnership with
BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising - a charity fundraising "One Stop Shop."
White Glove Travel Concierge

We are here for you and your guests through our
Professional Charity Travel Package Concierge who
will take care of all your guests travel arrangements
while they focus on what outfits to pack for their
vacation.  Many of our charity clients say "This is too
good to be true, it's too easy."  Yes, it is and in fact,
you will love just how easy it is.  Pick the packages,
sell them, keep 100% of the profit.  We take care of
the rest.
Expert Fundraising Experience Matters

The expert Fundraisers at Charity Travel Packages have the
experience to offer valuable advice in regard to your overall
fundraising efforts in order to ensure that we are a valuable
asset to both you and your charity for years.  Through our
exclusive partnership with BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising,
our mantra is to keep you and your "Charity First."  Charity
Travel Packages put the heart in charity fundraising.