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1. Review our website
Browse through all of our Charity
Travel Packages and choose which
ones you would like to use.
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2.  Contact CTP
Contact Us and let us know
which Packages you would like
for your fundraising event
3. Make the arrangement
specifics of your event, time
and place.

We will send you an
agreement which spells out all
the details so you know you
have all your bases covered
4. CTP will send you the Auction Placards
It only takes a few minutes.  CTP will
email you all of our Decorative Auction
Placards for display at your event
5. Host Your Event
Now the Fun Starts, enjoy your event
and watch the excitement that
surrounds theincredible display and
assortment of Auction items.
6. Your Charity Keeps The Profit!
It is that simple, every Package that sells, you
keep 100% of the profit. Are you required to
sell everything? Absolutely not, you sell
what you can and keep the earnings from
each item that is bought at your Charity
7.  Notify CTP was sold
Several days after your event, contact
CTP and let us know what sold and who they
sold too - we will take care of the rest.  It's
that easy!